Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

To obtain a ‘birds eye’ is to turn a blizzard into a breeze....

I never thought that words could ever help the process of healing. Words, I understand, don't change things. They may change perceptions of reality but they can't change reality itself.

They say time is a great healer? Time sometimes doesn't heal. Sometimes it just dumbs down that which you once felt so deeply. Where there was once a wound, now there remains a scar. Maybe it doesn't achce as it once did but it's there all the same.

I can see now, more clearly then ever, words are able to make a difference. There are times in life when perspectives are challenged and are allowed to be changed. Blessed is he who clearly sees the wood for the trees. Blessed is he who has persective because perspective pries oyur once weighty eyes and gives you wings...

Monday, June 26, 2006

You're on the edge of the woods now. You've made it through darkest part - the worst is behind you now. I think I can see where you are and I can see green fields stretching right upto the place where you are going to emerge out of the woodland and into the sunlight. Any moment now, and you'll be in the open.


Sunday, June 25, 2006

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Some random pics from the last few days


The lovely and very beautiful Linda Marshall.

Like freaks of a feather we rock together. I know my friend well but I think she knows me better! Just another half of this two headed freak but I need her like my heart needs to beat - me and my, me and my, me and my, me and my friends!

Ian's making a very strong point about something (probably the Englad/ Sweden game).

I call this pic - JJ throws frisbee.

Jo and and JJ explian the Rodreguez (sp?) goal from tonights game against Mexico. I believe the orange slice represents the Mexican goal keeper.

IVP book covers?

Friday, June 23, 2006

To be in love?

Loving someone can make you do some pretty dumb things. Rational thought, wisdom and logic are discarded. It's often difficult to see past the fact that you’re in love and that pretty much drives you to wherever that road may take you. I guess the point I'm making is that it's less about rational thought and more about instinct and desire.

Now, I'm not saying this is good practice and a model for relationships (it's not!). BUT, what would my life look like if my relationship with God was driven by that kind of love? Love that couldn’t see anything beyond the fact that I was hopelessly in love. Love that was driven by instinct, desire and passion. Love that says, ‘I love YOU! I need YOU and I can’t be without you! EVER – not even for a second!

My decisions would be driven by that love. My thoughts would be consumed with my my God. My hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations would be found in knowing that I’m loved. All I would need in this life would be to know, feel, experience that love. I would be a broken man wiithout it. I would be crushed should that love ever be removed. That kind of love says, ‘I would do anything for you my love, because my heart is filled with joy at the thought of you!’

I’m not making big statements. These are just my muddled thoughts and muddled prayers. I am (clumsily) trying to express that I want to be in love.

Asaph knows what I’m talking about:

Whom have I in heaven but you?
And earth has nothing I desire besides you. (Psalm 73:25)

I know that Asaph’s desire, love and hope in the Living God were based on rational thought. He understood the holy, rescuing, merciful nature of His God. But there’s more to this relationship then just rational thought. He LOVES his God. He says, ‘There is NOTHING on earth I desire besides you!’ These are the words of a man who is in love! He feels these things deeply in his heart…

These are just my muddled words that are an expression of my muddled thoughts...

Sunday, June 18, 2006

My family

Ok - I just got back and I'm pretty wiped out so I'll justpost the pics I took on my new phone (hee hee!) with minimal commentry...

My brother Moninder with son Rubin.

Nephews - Ben and Ashar. Yes, Ben does play with dolls...shut up!

My sister and her husban Sanjay. Sab thinks she's a movie star...

Brother in law Simon with daugher Zeta.

The most beautiful girl in the world? My god daughter Jazzy.

Simon's sister, Lucy, reads Jazzy a story over breakfast.

Japan, Croatia and one BIG TV!

Two Indain women!


So that's it. No commentary but I hope the pics give some flavour of a brill weekend of drinking, eating and time with recharging with family.

I'm off...

Ok - off to spend the weekend with my cousins, God daughter, sister and other folks in lovely Buxton. Yay.....!!!!!

My friend Mark

My good friend Mark came round last night. I met him a number of years ago through a mutual friend. Over the years we've got to know one another a little and have formed a solid friendship. I'm not sure if Mark's a Xn or not. I think he might be but I'm just not sure. Sometimes he says things like, 'If we do the right thing then God will invite us to the party'. Other times he displays such effection for Xst and humilty before him - it's just so hard to tell...

Anyhoo - last night we ate proper stodge. Sausages, mash potatoes, carrots, brockely and gravey. We talked about cars, football, life and love and then retired to the living room to srudy Marks gospel together.

What an ace evening! He relly seemed to (a) enjoy opoening the bible together and (b) grasp the main points of the passags. I was really encouraged. We'er meeting again next week to study Part2. Mark works wierd shifts (he's a bus driver), so I've decided to work my hours around him so we can meet up every week. He really seems up for it.

Please pray:

* That we would continue to meet on a regular basis.
* That he would have a life changing encounter with the Living God
* That as we syudy the bible together (and as he reads it in his own time) Jesus would walk of the pages and meet with Mark in very real and personal way
* for conviction of persoanl sin and the need for repentance

The Yes/ No game

When I was a child I used to play a game called Yes/No. Mostly, I used to play the game with my friends during RE because I found Religious Education hopelessly irrevant to anything (how ironic).

The game involved trying to make the other person say either yes or no. 'Do you like apples?' I would ask, 'erm...depends how I'm feeling' would come the reply - and so on and so forth...My favoured tactic to catch out newbies was to accuse them of saying 'it', aggressively whilst pointing:


Newbie: NO I DID'T! NO I DIDN'T!!

Me: Ha ha - you just sadi it twice!

Most people could hold out for a time but the urge to say yes or no in that game was overwhelming and sometimes it was all a bit too much.
I was reading Psalm 103 thins morning in my QT and realized that the Psalmist never actually asks God for anything in this Psalm. It's full of praise and adoration and that's it!

He reflects upon what God has done (v1-5):

* Forgives sin
* Heals diseases
* Redeems his life
* Crowns him with love and compassion (my favourite)
* Satisfies his desires with good things (I like that one too!)

He reflects upon what God is like (v6-19):

* Righteous
* Just
* Cares for the oppressed
* Knowable
* Father
* Compassionate
* Gracious
* Patient
* Full of mercy
* Loving
* Rescuing
* Forgiving
* Holy

Did you know the Hindus have 1000 names for god and none of them is father? The Psalm reminds me of something Mike Partridge said to me a long time ago. 'Pod, there are two things that are fundamental to our understanding of the doctrine of God. First, He is holy. Second He is love and everything else hangs off or those two attributes. What an amazing God He is.

He reflects upon what God is worth (v20-22)

The Psalmist wants other people to join with him in praise. Not just praise MY soul but you come and praise him too – praise YOUR soul.

Yes/ No?
This morning I tries to just praise God for who He is and tried to not ask Him for anything. to just adore him and reflect on all He has done. However, Like the Yes/ No game I found the urge to ask God for 'things' just a little too overwhelming. Oh well...Interesting experiment whilst it lasted...

Ginger movement?

Earlier today, during the England game, Reo Ferdinand was reported as, 'moving a bit gingerly'. Could some one please explain to me what 'ginger movement' looks like!?

The melancholy mechanics of my mind

Quick release chemicals strike with incomprehensible precision. Bio-organic electronics targeting microscopic destinations of devastation. Cleaner then light, meaner than a laser fight, billions of micro-maniacs known to most as the uncontrollable soldiers of suffering succertash. Instantaneous infiltration leaves me with a case of bustation, frustration, alone in a constellation of alienation, detached from empty conversation….

I wait…

I wait…

…For the wave to break

Sunny day

Here is a list of cool stuff that happened to me or I did yesterday. God is good and generous and kind and good...

1. I woke up and spent about about an hour listening to worship music. Just adoring He who has loved me with an unfailing love. His grace truely is sufficient for me.

2. I have come to realize just how much I need to be upheld in prayer. I can see this more clearly now than ever before - if I need the prayers of others to sustain me then those around me need my prayers too. I spent the next hour talking to God and have committed myself to praying more for those who need it.

3. Blogged for a bit and that was healthy, wholesome and fun.

4. Who'd have thought that tidying mess could actually be thereputic? I Cleaned my whole house and used my (now fully armed and operational) dishwahser - cool!

5. I felt the need to have an encounter with the awesomeness of the Living God in all of His glorious rescuing activity. Two sermons on Exodus 1-6 did the trick...

6. My mum came round and was SOoooOoo sweet plus she gave me some cash for a new car! Woo hoo!!! Nothing brings a bit of cheer to my cheeks like new material possesions!

7. I went on a clibing wall with my dear friend Hannah and a guy called Dan (a random non-Xn guy I met at a BBQ last week). We had an ACE time! I can't wait to go back next week.

8. Ordered take out curry because I'm a lazy ass and couldn't be bothered to cook. It tasty so nice...

All in all a fun day of activities. Thank you God - for being so generous to one so undeserving.

E-mail from Kenny

Hi Pod,

Hope that you are well. I am good but would like the weather to brighten up a bit!

Thanks so much for agreeing to do a 1-1 next year with Andy - he's a top bloke and I'm sure you'll get along really well. When I told him that I was going to link you with him he was really excited as I think he'd been to a seminar of yours at Word Alive and was really impressed with it. That's really good.

Over the summer I'll be in contact with all those who are disciplers in 1-1's and I'll be sorting out some support material and stuff. I know that you are experienced in leading 1-1's so it might not all be that relevant to you but we shall see. I'll talk to you more about htings as the summer goes on but I'll probably be asking for your advice on what material to include etc.

What's your phone number - I'll email him your details later, if that's ok?

Have a good day at work and I hope that you're enjoying the World Cup

God Bless


I need to take a break!

Last night I had a dream that Richard Cunningham was the manager of the England football team and I was trying to persuade him NOT to bring out Wayne Rooney against Trinidad and Tobago. I've decided to take the day off and spend it with God.

Would you go?

Truth be told - the last two days have been very sad for me. I was cheered up today when I found a note on my desk from Tom Price.


DO think about joining me in Bucks by the pool next week. Call me if you want to chat. You're amazing - don't forget it for a second.


Tom isn't just someone I work with. He has time after time shown me great warmth, friendship and love BUT seriously would you join him?

Boo hoo!

Ok - so today was the first time I've ever cried in a bible study - ha ha! I've been leading some bible studies on 2 Peter today. Myself and my team have been studying this amazing book for a number opf weeks now and today was the final study.

I was reading out the notes I posted earlier and about God's promises and started to choke and by the time I got to 'Gen 3 teaches us that we're not meant to be comfortable in this life'I was full on gushing - ha ha. Tom had to carry on reading for me. Much embarssemnt and awkwardness all round...

Actually - not really. I looked up and I strated a couple of them off too so it was all ok.

Why am I writing about this. Well, I have found much comfort and conciviction in 2 Peter Chp 3. No matter what is going on around me God's promises are still real and true and a promise is only ever as valuable as the person who makes it. What I mean is that when God say's he'll do something He does it.

It was good (if not a little embarrassig) to be moved by God's word. Now, the context of all of this is judgement and the point that Peter seems to be making is that what you believe effects what you do.

11Since everything will be destroyed in this way, what kind of people ought you to be? You ought to live holy and godly lives 12as you look forward to the day of God and speed its coming.

There is real responsibilty that comes with being a Christian and there's never been more of a time when I need to be reminded of this then right now.

God's pomises part3

Forget aging and dieting forever!

As seen on NBC, CNN, CBS, and even Opera – The health discovery that actually reverses aging whilst burning fat without dieting or exercise – and its guaranteed!

Would you like to lose weight whist you sleep? No dieting, no hunger pains, no cravings, no strenuous exercise. Change your life forever!

Body fat loss 82% improvement

Wrinkle reduction 61% improvement

Energy level 84% improvement

Muscle strength 88% improvement

Sexual potency 75% improvement


We live in age of great promises and great disappointments. Never has so much been promised in terms of health, wealth, and success, dieting in this world. Never has reality been further for the ordinary person from that which has been promised.

Great promises about what you can have in this world, so big that, compared to the realities of life in this world which are far from them that we become cynical about promises in the age in which we live. Its surprising indeed that anyone should bother to send an advert like this out at all. How can it possibly be believed or taken seriously by anyone – we become very cynical about promises. We take seriously only those things, which we can see or have right in front of us now.

And promises of course, are not like that. For they are about things we don’t have yet but may have one day. Which makes it very hard to be a Christian in this age. For the Christian life is all to do with promises about the future. And God given us very great and precious promises about heaven in the bible – and these have been given for a reason. We would do well to pay attention because what we think about the future will ALLWAYS effect how we live now.

God's promises: Part2

Living in light of God's promises. Here are some notes I wrote for a Relay training day a while back....

11Since everything will be destroyed in this way, what kind of people ought you to be? You ought to live holy and godly lives 12as you look forward to the day of God and speed its coming.

1. We ought to be people who long for that day to come v11 holy and godly.

Looking forward to the day ought to be the most natural thing to do if grasped what’s going to happen when it comes. If you have understood what God’s promise means you wont be able to take your eyes off that day because it’s such a good promise – looking forward – longing/ yearning word.

If you’ve grasped the promise then the hopes, dreams and expectations ought not to be for the things of this world – what do you dream of/ hope for/ long for/ what do you most want to happen? The things that we long for/ hope for and desire will make us the people we become – if you long for that day it will make you godly now/ holy now. Distinct in behaviour because you have a distinctive future that you are looking forward too

If you believe this promise you will ultimately believe that there is nothing to hope for in this world – we mustn’t behave as though we have an ultimate hope here.

We are not now, meant to happy and content in this world. Genesis 3 tells us that every thing that is closest to the way we are created has been frustrated. All of our potential is blocked all of the time. Every human being wants to achieve more then they can and at every point of life we are made to feel uncomfortable and dissatisfied.

The last thing that we need is to be comfortable in this world because the rest of the bible story will reveal that the world as we know it in it's current state is under God's judgement and wrath and is going down the tubes, if we were at home in it we would go down the tubes with it.

How will effect the decisions we take in life. – job/ marriage/ where to live. Will that decision make me long for the next world or will it make me more at home in this one. The way I live with other people will it help them long for the next world or will my priorities encourage them to be at home in this world.
Where will I work? People who graduated 10 –15 years ago who will base there decision on where my work will take me and that meant for years they never really hear god s promise explained to them which has meant they have become more and more at home in this world.
Could I have less in this world that I may keep my hunger for the next world alive – we ought to long for the day

2. Prepare for the day v14.
People ought to see you and say, “there are strangers amongst us here – not like us. People who belong somewhere else” because we are preparing for a different future. In every single part of life the future always makes us prepare in the present – exams/ marriage/ going on hols.. Future always changes the present v14. Since (a) do the appropriate thing now. Confidence in god’s promises leads to effort now 1:4 what effort are you making to prepare for the future. What are you working hard at now? Does what you are working hard at now have anything to do with Gods promises abut the future?

3. Accelerate the day v12.
The day here is for repentance. Top 5 things on your agenda now? Is repentance one of them because it is right at the top of God’s agenda v15. New heavens and earth are for repentant people not for people who wont repent. There is nothing that reflects the character and nature of God more then evangelism

God's promises part1

Today, I'm reminded of God's precious promises....

10But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything in it will be laid bare.[a]

Calvin in his commentary says…

But the day of the Lord will come Thus divine patience is balanced by justice, and we are told:

a. the certainty of the coming: will come

b. the character of the coming: like a thief

the consequences of the coming: The heavens will disappear with a roar. It will be then clearly seen that nature is far from immutable (unchangeable). Note other references to phsical convulsions as accompanying the day of God. (Isaiah 34:4, 51:6, Mark 13:24-5). The elements seem to be the heavenly bodies in this verse.


Ok - so I've got a little behind but like my quiet times I refuse to feel guilty. To be honest I'm not even sure anyone (apart from Nat) actually reads this blog. I'll keep going with it when I have special moments. That way all my posts will have some value attached to them. wasn't a very special day but I was reminded how very thankful to God I should be and am for all he has done for me and given me.

Today I was reminded of just how much I really need to pray. For my friends, for myself, my parents and those whom I love. Prayer is a very special thing. Here are some reasons why I think it's cool to pray (some of these are from Peter Lewis):
  1. Jesus was crucified in order that we might pray.
  2. Other people need our prayers
  3. God commands us to pray
  4. Jesus prayed
  5. Prayer is the means by which God achieves His puposes
  6. Prayer works
There are obviosly lots more reasons to pray. I'm just saying that today, I was reminded what an awesome privalage it is to pray (and it works too - bonus!)! I wish I was more passoinate about prayer...

Did I just come full circle?