Tuesday, August 15, 2006


On the weekend I decided to buy a family size bucket of KFC just to see if I could eat it all. Now, That's 8 pieces of chicken, 4 corn on the cobs 4 lots of fries and a bottle of Pepsi. It has always been an ambition of mine since I was young and I thought - what the heck!

Drinking beer and slobbing on greasy fast food. It really doesn't get any better!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Resident Evil

Tonight I got my head sawn off with a chainsaw, run over by a bolder 4 times and blown up with a stick of dynamite!

Catching up...

Ok - so I've been really slack this week (agian). Here's a round uup of the weeks (non) events...

Monday night - working late in the office. Organising stuff for Soul Survivor, Annual Review and the newUCCF Student Card Memebership Scheme (to be launched at Forum). I'm quite excited about this but can't say to much here as we're in negotiations with various book publishers, retailers and distributers. This has been a fun and exciting project to work on that will benifit both UCCF, our partners and the students who sign up. Plus, as a communications function, this will give me another medium for communicating to the wider CU family about the CU mission agenda.

I really do love my job cause' it so varied. Current projects I'm working on are that I'm enjoying:
  • Student Card
  • Annual Review
  • Electronic Blurb (more news to follow)
Projects that I've had involvement with:
  • Developing the Relay brand and identity (it's like, retro Spectrum 48k graphics meets the UCCF colour pallet). Robust theological engagement, life on life discipleship and 80's funk!
  • RTSF rebrand. We're in the early stages but the bulk of the work on this will commence mid August.
  • Forum. I'm on the planning team and this has been loads of fun too!
Projects my team are working on:
  • New UCCF website. This is going to be amazing! We expect this to go live at the end of October
  • Bethinking and Pure adverts to be played at Forum.
All in all - the comms team are having a busy and creative summer. What a great job! I love it!

Tuesday evening - Went on a climbing wall with my good friends Joe, Ruth and some others. This was loads of fun. I can now tie a figure of eight knot, beelay and I can handle up to a 4c difficulty grade (the grades go up to 6).

Wednesday evening - My good friend david Nixon came round for some food and generally catching up. he recently broke up with hid Girlfrind so we chatted about that amongst other things.

Thursday evening - walk along the canal with vaious friends.

Firday - trip to IKEA and a meal in a Tia restaurant with Ruth and David. Muchos Funos!

So there you go. My week at a glance. Busy and fun! Gonna' read Lamentations now. I've been meaning to get round to this book for a while now. May post some reflective thoughts in a little while.

Just a quick thought.

It is great, isn't it, that we can open the bible with expectant hearts. That God WILL speak to us. He WILL reveal truth to us re: Himself. He is the God who longs to be known and has made knowledge of himself freely available to those who have ears and would listen. I just think that it's not to be taken for granted.

I wait in eager anticipation to discover that which God would want to show me as I open up Lamentations and listen with an expectant heart.

Thoughts to follow...

Monday, August 07, 2006

New Exhibition Stand - woo hoo!

Ha ha - so, this is a scale model of the new UCCF Exhibition stand. Complete with scale model CUSW (I made that bit!).

One question though...who's that cheeky chappy in the back ground? Maybe I'll make him the new face of UCCF!?

The internet doesn't suck!

Ok, I give in - The internet doesn't suck!
Ok - so I've been a little slack of late and this will only be a quick post...

These last few days I have been reflecting on the the hope that is offered in the gospel. Lately, I have really come to appreciate the promises that God makes. Those of you who read my BLOG will know that these have become very presious to me because they speak of the faithfulness Him who makes them.

I love the gospel because of the hope that is offered. Not just in the future but in the here and now. The gospel doesn't make promises about a number of things for this life. For example, I'm not promised that I'll remain in good health for the rest of my life. Nor does it promise that I'll ever be married, or someone close to me won't become sick. I'm not promised financial security or that clamity won't fall upon my head, even as I write these words.

However, the gospel does promise me that God is good. That He's faithful and generous and kind and loving. It does hold out great hope because if God can give His beloved Son for me than I need not question his generosity or goodness - in this life.

I was at church earlier today and, during communion, I almost heard God say to me in an audiable voice, 'I gave you my Son. I can provide for the things that you need. You needn't worry.'

I'm reminded of Jesus' words in Luke 11...oh - i can't be bothered to finish writing this post - you get the point. blah blah blah...