Thursday, July 27, 2006

Letter from Tim Rudge

Hi Pod,

Great to see you yesterday. Here is the Relay application pack. exploring what is involved. Just to recap on some of the discussion Pod, we couldn't dream of wanting to change your church allegience. Rather , we are about developing people for a lifetime of Christian service. This includes head - learning to think from the bible to practice not the other way round., hreat - loving God, growing in grace, loving others, passion, hands - practical engagement in the world (this would include a trip overseas to another IFES mission movement).

Nor are we a Calvinist/ Ceasationist movement. We have people from all aspects of the spectrum, all seeking to be faithful to what scripture teaches.

What you need to understand here Pod is GOSPEL UNITY! How can Nigel Lee and Bob Horn work together when one is a Calvinist and the other is not? They are both committed to unity around the saving gospel of Christ and are willing to see other things as secondary.

Finally brother, in regard to your future. Remember it is the Lord who orders your steps. You cannot plan it all out, nor can you know 100% how it will work out. Salt and Light may be the way into church planting, it may not. For me, what I care about is that you exercise faith in the Living God that he will sort this out as you make decision that honours him and promotes your own discipleship.

Bless you, I know future plans are not easy. I could see you making a great contribution to the CU in Derby but I want you to do that which will honour Christ. Let me know if I can be of any help.

Much Blessing,



Blogger thebluefish said...

And who would have thought you'd have gone from that to where you are now, six years later...

Very encouraging.

12:52 AM  

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